A Clarity of Thought

A Clarity of Thought


How can we achieve A Clarity of Thought? And why does it matter?

When a new clarity of thought is achieved, it opens up potential new progress. This is similar to creating a Unified theory of thought, and also to creating a unifying language A unifying language enables further discovery.

My hope is that this can be An Intuitive Science. The following structure below is meant to help form a stable Intuition.

A prerequisite for Probabilistic Thinking may be Numerate thinking.

But why does it matter?

My thought here is that explicitly understanding when we are experiencing certain types of thoughts, and knowing how best to manage those thought processes, will help us be more effective communicators and make it easire to fight off bias.


Remember the difference between Concern vs Disagreement

When probabilities are presented in different ways, they can lead to irrational inconsistencies in the way people make chioces. It is worth understanding this further, and to see what underlies this type of inconsistency:

“What we all need, as citizens, is to develop more skill in applying our skepticism. We need to spot false narratives, and also turn aside those who would replace them with pure fiction. Either we get this right or we cease to be free citizens.” (Steve Inskeep, A Finder’s Guide to Facts)